Coretech Voyage is a digital product engineering company serving its clients from varied services, namely
1.Website Designing.
2. Custom Software Development.
3.Social Media Marketing.
4. Mobile Application Development.
5. Software Consultation Services.

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Best Digital Marketing Agency in JP Nagar, Bangalore

Coretech Voyage, a Digital Engineering Company, is one of the Best Digital Marketing Agency in JP Nagar, Bangalore. The major problem of any business investing in digital marketing is wanting to get expected results, if not more. We have been able to make this a reality for our SEM clients / customers / small businesses in Bangalore.

Having a clear knowledge on how, what and where to market. We have served both B2B and B2C clients with their Digital Marketing and Lead Generation requirements. These have always been the backbone of any business to reach the right customers and showcase their services / products.

We, the team of Coretech Voyage have been working with a variety of clients in the past years. This makes us understand that the clients need a cost effective solution at their disposal. Thus makes us abide by the policy of “Give the best at the most economical price”.

ROI is what the client wants and we deliver it constantly. We always make sure the customer journey is always smooth in the Digital Media.


How do we arrive at Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing by itself is humungous and not the same as Traditional Marketing. Considering the inbound marketing, it comprises various services like SEO [Search Engine Optimization], PPC [Pay Per Click], Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing. While Email Marketing falls under out bound marketing here.

As a procedure, we have an initial discussion with our prospects, understand the scope of the business and do a complete market research. The market research helps us identify the sentiments of the buyer and what they are expecting from the products or services offered. This helps us to arrive at Digital Strategies and Marketing Campaigns. Further we have a complete discussion with our clients and make sure the points are met and later kick off.

We always keep in mind in Defining the goals, recognizing the Target Audience and then Promote the client in the perfect way. We at Coretech Voyage, believe that top Digital Marketing Strategies make top Digital Marketing Agencies. In-turn top Digital Marketing Agencies make clients meet their Social Media Management needs.

Coretech Voyage, a Digital Marketing Company in JP Nagar Bangalore, is a one stop solution for your digital needs in your neighborhood. We help you achieve this by using the latest digital technologies. We as a team at Coretech Voyage understand how marketing sentiments work. Be rest assured that we are different from other marketing agencies in Bangalore or marketing companies in Bangalore India who talk only about Stats.

What we Cater

What digital marketing services do we offer our clients?

Search Engine Optimization / SEO Services

Search Engines have their own way of ranking a business in their listing. With our efficient team we rank our clients in the top pages. For this we follow quirky ways satisfying the Search Engine algorithms hence generating caliber leads.
Optimizing Client’s website both On-Page and Off-Page are crucial for SERPs. By following most of the white hat techniques, team Coretech Voyage helps its customer rank on the top pages.
Backlinks management is one of the most overlooked process which contributes as a major factor. Narrowing this gap with link building , gives great results.

With more than 4 billion active social media users. Internet is flooded with content, in this Nth hour, visibility of contents to a user is countless. There comes the challenge in making new content visible to netizens.
With our expert team we make the Impossible possible. We make certain that all the Digital Marketing Channels suitable for the particular client is handled. We regularly monitor, measure and tweak to improve the performance and ROI.

With ever increasing user base, Facebook and Instagram are the place where content is put every split second which has made users stick on to these Apps almost every day.
Marketing our services / products if not here, where else? A well strategized Ad can definitely reap an ocean of leads. To help the buyer reach the clients, we have a CTA [Call to Action] with a distinct Action. This helps the buyer to easily reach out to our Customers regarding the distinct Product or Service provided.

Post pandemic world has become more digital and people stuck into a single place has made users search for more information or entertainment online.
As all of us know YouTube is the place where most of the Information/Entertainment is shared free of cost. With an incredible AI engine YouTube has made sure its users spend most of their time on its platform hence marketing a creative Ad here can definitely hook users to clients Services / Products. As this acts as a boon for us to educate buyers with our clients products or services.

If there is any place for B2B Marketing, then it is LinkedIn. This is the arena where most of the professionals spend their time and knowledge. When ads are made right and targeted right, ROI is the best for businesses to fill their kitty with leads and profits.

PPC is another process which is a part of digital marketing. This is also known as Pay Per Click, this is a technique where we pay the Search Engine Company for the clicks on the Ads shown on the SERPs. This is mainly advantageous for businesses that are looking to generate revenue rapidly.
Goals of each business vary and so shall the benefit of PPC vary. PPC doesn't only work on revenue generation but also works on Brand awareness, increasing the traffic to the website and so on.

Process of PPC in Coretech Voyage

  • Keyword Research - Based on the desired results and budget, a list of keywords are chosen and Paid for based on multiple deciding factors.
  • Designing of Ad
  • Creative team of Coretech Voyage then comes up with a ad for the decided keywords
  • Design and Development of Landing Page
  • Running the Ad on Search Engine
  • Analysis of the Ad performance
  • A/B Testing
  • Rerun of Ads post rework (If necessary)

Unlike SEO, SEM is a much easier way to for the visibility a well made Ad ranks in the top 5 SERPs of desired keyword searched for. In case of google, Paid Ads are thrown on the top. This helps in increasing the visibility of the business.
The key metric here is the CPC which is Cost Per Click. Lower the CPC better is the ad performance and economical for the company running the ad.

This is a unique yet an effective way of generating leads. The main agenda here is to attract your prospects by educating them of the service or the product offered by you.
By digital means like blog, news letter, social media posts, emails , YouTube videos. With smart AI integrations , Search Engines like Google YouTube there is a higher range of interaction for useful, meaningful content.

Once a web visitor has visited your site and not completed the purchase for whatever reason, reminding the visitor of his visit to your site and initiating him to complete his purchase is the idea behind Retargeting. There is a possibility to show the user what products he/she has searched for on your site.
Retargeting Ads have a high success rate compared to other means of advertising.

One of the oldest yet a powerful means of marketing is email marketing . A well scripted email is still gold in the field of digital marketing. There are many contributing factors for the success of email marketing such as relevancy, engaging, no fluff stuff , clear CTA , Well made landing page.



Coretech Voyage’s unique edge on social media has given a world of new openings for LGP[Lead Generation Programme]. With its in depth and expanding knowledge on Facebook data storage, Google Analytics and website designing technologies. This Trio combination is proving the key for a unique and successful LGP. With a dedicated research on the trio, team Coretech Voyage is getting into to the edge of understanding the pulse of the viewer by his activities[clicks on the website]. The Discrete bull’s eye DBE™ [Specific Target] of social networkers.

Increase in website viewing by 30%*.

Retargeting your ads can make 70% of your prospects as customers.

Reduce your advertisement costs by 60%*.

Ads that can reach your ideal type of customers.


Frequently Ask Questions

Is Social Media Marketing Useful for my business?

Almost all businesses can have a presence on social media , reap benefits equally as another business line.

Posts are a part of social media marketing, there many other aspects to social media marketing than just posting some news about business on SM Platforms. To list a few , running ad campaigns , creating landing pages , hashtag optimisation , etc.

On an average , a business shall have 5 - 15% of business through social media. In case your conversions are less to the above number, then there has to be a tweak in the way you market your business on SM[Social Media].

In case your tickets size are not matching your expectations, your are no probably not reaching the right audience or there might be an issue in conveying a product or an offer to your prospect . By understanding the current problem, our expertise can guide your business towards quality leads .

81% of SMEs project their business on social media. Social Media marketing is 60% cheaper compared to traditional marketing methods .

It's not always mandatory for the business owner to have a complete knowledge of the know-hows of Social Media Platforms. Our expertise shall bridge between your expectations from social media and actual results, thus striving for your satisfaction.

Yes , there are many reasons why social media marketing is effective that other way. One simple and main reason is you can choose what kind of people you want the ad to be reached to. And you can arrive at an IDP [idea Client Profile] based on multiple factors.

Yes your data is yours alone. You might ask us How?

  1. We sign a NDA[Non Disclosure Agreement] with every client we deal with.
  2. Data shall reach directly to your CRM
  3. In case of no CRM for your business, we shall provide* a data management tool to keep your data safe.

We generally do not take up 2 businesses from the same vertical(category), in case we do that, we get a written consent from you and do not promote the other one in the same geography of yours at any cost.

We assure you that there shall be no content copy or product promotion copy between any of the businesses .

We will not use or copy any kind of content from any of the websites. Every digital content shall be our own creativity. We shall use only royalty free images in any of our digital material.
We donot include influencer marketing and affiliate marketing.

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