Coretech Voyage is a digital product engineering company serving its clients from varied services, namely
1.Website Designing.
2. Custom Software Development.
3.Social Media Marketing.
4. Mobile Application Development.
5. Software Consultation Services.

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How we do it ?

  1. Appear

    • Create IDP
    • Design Images*
    • Run Campaigns
    • Data in Landing page

  2. Re Appear

    • Create IDP
    • Post Updates
    • Run Campaigns
    • Retarget ads
    • Data in Landing page

  3. Make a point

    • Create IDP
    • Post Updates
    • Run Campaigns
    • Retarget ads
    • Call to Action
    • Write Blogs

  4. Complete Social Media Management

    Everything as in Make a Point.

    • Dedicated resource for replies and queries posted by the prospects .
    • Analytical management.
    • Website Management as per Marketing Plan.

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Coretech Voyage’s unique edge on social media has given a world of new openings for LGP[Lead Generation Programme]. With its in depth and expanding knowledge on Facebook data storage, Google Analytics and website designing technologies. This Trio combination is proving the key for a unique and successful LGP. With a dedicated research on the trio, team Coretech Voyage is getting into to the edge of understanding the pulse of the viewer by his activities[clicks on the website]. The Discrete bull’s eye DBE™ [Specific Target] of social networkers.

Increase in website viewing by 30%*.

Retargeting your ads can make 70% of your prospects as customers.

Reduce your advertisement costs by 60%*.

Ads that can reach your ideal type of customers.


Frequently Ask Questions

Is Social Media Marketing Useful for my business?

Almost all businesses can have a presence on social media , reap benefits equally as another business line.

Posts are a part of social media marketing, there many other aspects to social media marketing than just posting some news about business on SM Platforms. To list a few , running ad campaigns , creating landing pages , hashtag optimisation , etc.

On an average , a business shall have 5 - 15% of business through social media. In case your conversions are less to the above number, then there has to be a tweak in the way you market your business on SM[Social Media].

In case your tickets size are not matching your expectations, your are no probably not reaching the right audience or there might be an issue in conveying a product or an offer to your prospect . By understanding the current problem, our expertise can guide your business towards quality leads .

81% of SMEs project their business on social media. Social Media marketing is 60% cheaper compared to traditional marketing methods .

It's not always mandatory for the business owner to have a complete knowledge of the know-hows of Social Media Platforms. Our expertise shall bridge between your expectations from social media and actual results, thus striving for your satisfaction.

Yes , there are many reasons why social media marketing is effective that other way. One simple and main reason is you can choose what kind of people you want the ad to be reached to. And you can arrive at an IDP [idea Client Profile] based on multiple factors.

Yes your data is yours alone. You might ask us How?

  1. We sign a NDA[Non Disclosure Agreement] with every client we deal with.
  2. Data shall reach directly to your CRM
  3. In case of no CRM for your business, we shall provide* a data management tool to keep your data safe.

We generally do not take up 2 businesses from the same vertical(category), in case we do that, we get a written consent from you and do not promote the other one in the same geography of yours at any cost.

We assure you that there shall be no content copy or product promotion copy between any of the businesses .

We will not use or copy any kind of content from any of the websites. Every digital content shall be our own creativity. We shall use only royalty free images in any of our digital material.

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