Coretech Voyage is a digital product engineering company serving its clients from varied services, namely
1.Website Designing.
2. Custom Software Development.
3.Social Media Marketing.
4. Mobile Application Development.
5. Software Consultation Services.

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Website Designing agency in JP nagar

UI Designing

Coretech Voyage has been one of the top website designing company in Bengaluru for a decade now, our team expertise in designing high quality websites that attract the targeted audience and help in higher ROI.

We as a designing team , take up custom design projects , arrive at a performing and an attractive user friendly website. with a unique development process that involves clients inputs in every stage of the design services.

Website Design and Development is a key factor for any company's digital marketing. A properly designed website can replace a physical sales person in some instances. As digital space is proving vital to businesses, buying a product or a service is happening over a button click. A successful web development company makes its clients website a money making arena.

We, as a website designing company, have an edge over other companies with our customized web design approach. Our development team strives to give the best of the digital experiences to the visitor through these tailor made websites.

Content Marketing is another area where websites really have a hold on . Keyword rich content shall help websites stand out and in turn help in Search Engine Optimization too. Regular blogs on the business domain shall drive in more visitors to the website . More visitors , more business.

We as a web designing company in Bangalore India, also take up UI designing as a service. Adhering to all the UI UX design principles , we ensure the best of user experience is delivered with a swift response.

For your company website designing needs, look no further Coretech Voyage is the place. We take up end to end branding services for one's business.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs.

Our Designing Process

Requirement Collection -> Pre Design Phase -> Design Phase -> Web Development -> Maintenance

This is a phase where the Initiation on the website happens , also the stage where client interaction is at its highest. Our team tries to understand the client's business and its USP (Unique Selling Proposition). clients business process, Uniqueness of the product/service provided in the website, CTAs(Click to Action) are discussed with the clients.

Pre Design Phase is a stage where all the verbal data collected from the client gets to the webspace . We design low fidelity wireframes that fit the requirements of the business the website is being for.

Design Phase is an interesting part of the design process, where a website gets its colours and other attractive elements infused into. A high fidelity wireframe is delivered to the client for their perusal.

Web Development phase is where the sketch/wireframes are converted into actual web components, using latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Server side technologies like .Net, PHP, Node JS etc. If design includes any icons or banners to be designed , Graphic Designing process will also be a part of this phase.

Maintenance phase is the one that comes post launch of the website. This stage of the service is where the website is observed for its performance constantly. In case of non performance of the website to the expected mark, it will be tweaked and made to meet the expectations of the client.
Also, if Search Engine Optimization and Social media marketing are part of the project, appropriate blogs and landing pages are created. Along with Keyword optimization, ad campaigns and other parts of the Digital Marketing Service discussed.
Maintenance phase also includes technical upgrades based on the traffic of the website and the SEO challenges. Mobile User experience , load time , other important aspects that influence the bounce time and overall user experience are taken at priority and fixed at regular intervals.
Robot.txt, Sitemaps are updated as and when the structure of the website is changed. Also, updating the google stats of the website are a part of the maintenance phase.

Why Choose Us?

Coretech Voyage is known for designing custom websites with an economical cost and within a small time frame for its customers. Working with SMEs we as a website designing company understand how they operate and cater their needs with competitive costs and demanding timeframes.
For a decade now we are seasoned in the art of Designing Websites for a variety of businesses. Coretech Voyage has successfully delivered websites for companies with Painting Services to Companies that deal with textile processing .
Having worked with multiple business disciplines , We are confident we can deliver your project as per your taste and needs. We are a team of qualified professionals dealing with every line of code we write and we ensure that every component of your website is developed in-house and suits the website needs.
Copyright Issues are Zero when you deal with Coretech Voyage for your Website Designing or Content for the same as we are a company that gets into the root of your business, understands it and delivers best to you.

FAQ & Knowledgebase
Template based websites have their own set of disadvantages .
a. They are usually not completely customisable.
b. The user has limited or no access to the code of the web design.
c. There are high chances of same designed in multiple sites. Which may be of a negative impact on SEO of the site.
d. Made to suite any day is the best way for a website as it fits the requirements of the client.
There is a wrong notion that custom made sites are too expensive. Usually a basic custom made website costs a few thousands only.
There is a wrong notion that custom made sites are too expensive. Usually a basic custom made website costs a few thousands only.Above mentioned process that's followed by Coretech Voyage ensures that a website thats designed with the inputs of the client.
a. Websites come out to be perfect and are swift in response with all technical tweaks done on the website.
b. A custom made site is fully customisable as the codebase is completely under designers control.
c. Upgrading the site as the business expands is very easy and costs less compared to a newly made template based website.
d. Incorporating analytical tags , other this party applications is comparatively easy in Custom Website design.
When a right Website Designing Agency is hired, Client shall have a peace of mind in the process, Also there may be chances that the Agency might add value to the website and come up with a solution better than expected.
Key to best Website Design is the Choosing Right Agency and Correct Plan/Blueprint in the Ideation stage.
When a Website Design Agency knows the right art of designing a website , they first create a mood bird with the colours to be used in the website based on the business filed for the website being designed, Typography that can be used, Type of images one can use in the website and the Digital Marketing Eventually. Mood board usually consists use most of the Logo colours as primary for branding.
Domain name and Hosting are free for a year from the day the website is launched from Coretech Voyage. Renewal of the same will be charged accordingly.
*conditions apply premium domains are not included in the free plan of website designing.
Yes, we do revamp/redesign the website according to client requirements.
a. If your website is too only in the looks.
b. If your website doesn't cater to smartphone users by resizing itself, smartphones are being used avidly for internet surfing purposes in the present day scenario , catering to such users is almost important.
c. If your website takes too long to load, Ideally a website should load within 2-4 seconds.
e. If your website is made using age old technologies it should be your first priority to get a new website for your business.
f. If your website is not getting you desired results , a clear inspection of the causes and fixing them should be first on the to do list.
Bounce Rate is a key factor along with the keywords your website is ranked for in deciding whether your website is engaging the visitor. Higher Bounce rate indicates to us that content/intent of the website are not met.
Keyword Ranking for, Bounce rate, CTR(Click Through Rate), Impressions are some of the KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) of a website.
a. Website is the phase of any company. When a prospect gets to know about your business, Their first job would be to check your credibility, authenticity, and ability to deliver through your website.
b. Websites act as your primary source of lead generation if designed correctly.
c. When websites are ranked for keywords internationally, they end up getting you clients overseas which shall open a new arena for your business.
Now is the right time. If you have just started your business, cash on getting early leads and early success. If you are a company that's been in business for a long time, make sure you tell the world your success stories and get more business out of it.
Yes, we do work with clients from across the globe and have done justice to firms that have approached Coretech Voyage for their service.
We work with a Startup as well as a Major Corporation for their website needs.Although SMEs have been our major clients for a decade now.
For over a decade Coretech Voyage has been serving its clients in and around Bengaluru , also clients from Major cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai , Delhi etc.. We have been serving clients overseas all the way from the USA as well.
Coretech Voyage holds the pride of having a retention rate of over 82% of clients in its journey.
Basic Websites, Dynamic Websites, Content Management Sites, E-commerce sites and many more..
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